Our Certified Practitioners

Not every clinic is a Certified Syneron or Candela Practitioner.

Syneron Candela suggests you contact our listing of Certified Practitioners for further information and to find out if these treatments are suitable for you.

To find your nearest Certified Syneron or Candela Practitioner please enter your post code and the distance you are willing to travel.

All our Certified Syneron & Candela Practitioners have:

  • Purchased their systems through Syneron Candela
  • Are clinically trained by Syneron Candela and updated regularly
  • Use genuine consumables and spare parts from Syneron Candela
  • Lasers and systems are checked regularly for power accuracy and reliability
  • Are Certified Clinical Operators by Syneron Candela
  • Use systems listed by the TGA
  • Laser Safety Certification by a Government recognised training facility

Syneron or Candela Certified Practitioners will ensure the safest and best possible clinical result for you! Certified Practitioners will display their certification for your confidence.